About this site

I am the pastor of Narrative Church in Tigard, OR.

This blog explores the narrative life, the Christian faith, and all related topics.

There are many great things to explore and contemplate, but we remember first and foremost that we are unified in our humanity and in Christ before we differ in our studies.

Thank you for stopping in.

-Pastor Jason

What is Narrative Church?

A narrative is a story, something that each of our lives will tell.

The narrative of Jesus' life defies a brief summation. It is a life of good news, revealing a gracious and loving God, who seeks intimate relationship with the pinnacle of his creation, humanity - you and me.

We believe that Jesus did not intend for this story to end with his time on earth. He calls the Church to tangibly live out his continuing story. We are a community committed to this call.

What is the "narrative life?"

Within this context, the narrative life is yours and my unique, personal life joining in to continue the narrative of Jesus. When we join ourselves to the story of Jesus, we seek to both realize the extent of his story in our own lives as well as carry his story everywhere we go.