Praying the Examen - Part 4

Praying the Examen - Part 4
Photo by Motoki Tonn / Unsplash

Step 4: Face my flaws

Our next-to-last step in the Examen is to identify those places in my life where I am falling short of what I am called to be as a human.

Up to this point:

I have experienced God’s nearness to me.

I have considered what is right and good in my life -- my blessings, and savored it.

I then reviewed the past day, and in doing so, this may have helped me to begin identifying where I have shortcomings in my life and I can improve.

This step is my chance to bring my flaws and failures to God, both for forgiveness and for his exchange of love and grace, where I feel guilt and shame.

I find humility in this step as it reminds me that I am not perfect. I also find myself being built up into something better as God does not tear me down and belittle me, but he expands who I am. He fills dead areas of my person, areas I bury with guilt and shame, and he bring life there, so that more of me comes into view.

This is a step of continued liberation and freedom.

For as many times as I may continue to speak to a personal flaw in this step, God’s love and grace will prove unending. Time and again, he will meet me in this step and free me from shame and guilt.