Praying the Examen - Part 5

Praying the Examen - Part 5
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Step 5: Focused Connection

The final step of the Examen is to seek special help for what lies ahead in our coming day.

We have connected with God, appreciated what is good in our lives, processed the past through remembrance and reflection, considered our flaws that have come to our attention, and now we can brace for what is ahead.

As we anticipate the things to come in the day ahead, we take this step to consider where we really need God to meet us.

What fears, worries, inadaquecies, or anxieties are within us when we think of what we need to accomplish in the coming day?

God loves and cares about those things particular to you, and loves to hear about the specific things weighing on you.

These are places we can seek a special or focused connection with God.

Thus, as we conclude our prayer and ready ourselves to move forward, we talk to God about our specific needs where we would like to have him with us.